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Alwyn Dempster-Jones

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Following his art education in Manchester and Cardiff, Alwyn has worked full-time as an artist/designer. He has had artwork reproduced by The Sunday Times, The Times Educational Supplement, The Observer and many other periodicals.

He has produced advertisements for Yorkshire Television and other publications. He has designed and illustrated books. He has designed and produced art work for The National Trust, The Rambler’s Association, The Welsh Books Council, Kellogg’s, the BBC and many others.

Alwyn has climbed the mountains and explored the valleys of North Wales.He has drawn and painted in Wales for as long as he can remember. He can be inspired by the weather, an O.S. map and a pair of walking boots! He has exhibited for over twenty years and paints the landscape, sometimes vistas, sometimes slivers, but always Wales. “Alwyn paints only Wales and all things Welsh” his clients and admirers of his work say!

His paintings have been exhibited in major galleries throughout the country and his work is found in many public and private collections in this country and in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland and Chile.

The previous Prime Minister, David Cameron, presented two of Alwyn’s paintings to the President & CEO of Airbus and the Group Chief Executive Officer of Air Asia on behalf of Airbus.