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Ben Waddams

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The Golden Hour

15 x 12 oil

The Last Post

15 x 12 oil

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Ben Waddams is a young, British wildlife artist working in oils, acrylics and pen and ink. His love and fascination for the natural world has brought him endless joy since before he can remember. Today he works in the media, and with charities, in an effort to preserve the wildlife of which he is so fond.He is clearly extremely talented with his paintbrush and we are always proud to exhibit his work here.

Ben says, “I have been lucky enough to have lived and travelled through some truly mesmerising areas of the world from where I take my inspiration.”

“Some people may make the point that filming, painting and writing about animals, is not active conservation. Correct, it’s not. But creating an awareness of the importance of conservation is the initial all-important step. There needs to be that appreciation of wildlife, gained through the descriptions of the place, the portrait or the plight of the animal, for people to commit financially to conservation and to changing their own lifestyles to conserve the species on this planet….which I personally believe we all have a duty to do.”

“This is why I paint, write and photograph…”

  • Wildlife Artist and Illustrator
  • Published with Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Ltd
  • Natural History Writer and Columnist (Shropshire Newspapers)
  • Professional Speaker on Natural History and Wildlife Art
  • Trustee of Monduli Green; a humanitarian and environmental charity in Tanzania