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Gill Hamilton BEd MAFA

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Born in Lancashire in 1953, Gill attended Burnley Art College and Ripon College of Education studying Art and Education.

After early retirement from teaching, she began to develop her art practice, settling on the genre of still life as her speciality. Draughtsmanship has always been at the centre of her work and she regularly draws from life – both from the nude and the clothed model.

Gill’s work is realistic though not photographic. She strives to give the viewer a more personal response to the subject. By carefully planned composition, lighting and accurate observation, she elevates the normally overlooked incidentals of daily life changing them into something more interesting and significant.

Some of Gill’s paintings suggest a human presence or familiar narrative which resounds with the viewer. The book, left open for a moment, the coat thrown casually on a chair back, the boots, taken off and discarded after a hike, all indicate that someone has been here and may return.

In recent paintings, she takes an entirely new view of the traditional still life. By looking down on the subject matter, and by including patterned fabric, she skilfully contemporises the genre.

Gill is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts and Altrincham Society of Artists.

Gill is our most recent painter, at present, to join Sarah Samuels Fine Paintings, Chester. We are delighted to welcome her and to exhibit her delightful work.