Project Description

James Bartholomew RSMA MAFA

Awaiting New Images

Clogher Head, High Winds

21″ x 40.5″ w/col

Dingle Breaker

14.5″ x 42″ watercolour and pastel

Terns over the wash 2

14.5″ x 42″ w/col

Springer spaniel 3

26″ x 19.5″ w/col

Junction on the Grand Canal

19″ x 39.5″ w/col

Painting Enquiry

“I am fascinated by the interplay between a subject and light and how changing weather can alter the essence of something so completely.”

Since 1992, James has worked as a contemporary landscape and seascape painter. He has a strong reputation within the British contemporary art market and his recognisable, ‘loose and energetic’ style has gained widespread acclaim. Strong light and colour are often central to James’ paintings and dynamic viewpoints are a feature in many.

RSMA, MAFA and exhibits with the FBA

Selected commissioning clients:
Waitrose, BBC, The Sunday Times, British Tourist Authority.

Selected awards:
Laing Landscape Art Prize, Sir Peter Scott Award, Charles Pears Award, The Arts Club Award, Artist Magazine Award, Kenneth Denton Award

Solo exhibitions:
Clarendon Fine Art, Dover Street, London (2015)
Whitewall Galleries, Marlow, Guildford and Cobham (2016)
Mill House Gallery – New paintings in acrylic (2017)
Sarah Samuels Fine Paintings, Chester (2019)

“I mostly work in pastel and watercolour together, the mediums soon becoming mixed up. The pastel will sometimes get wet and moved around within the paint, becoming simply a pigment. Other times it is used over the top of the dry paint. Through this method, the vibrancy can be reintroduced with the pastels and the painting can be changed at any stage. This leaves plenty of room to experiment on the surface without worrying about spoiling the painting, which I find quite liberating.”